Amendments to the Mineral Resources Act

first_imgAmendments introduced today, March 2, will improve the clarity of the Mineral Resources Act before it is proclaimed this spring. A new Mineral Resources Act, which was passed by the legislature in 2016, was designed to make it easier and less expensive for industry to manage exploration licences, encourage mineral exploration and development, and ensure a balance between economic development and having the tools to protect the land. During the drafting of regulations in 2017, the department identified areas where the intention of the Mineral Resources Act was not clear enough. “Our goal is to have an updated regulatory framework for exploration and mining in the province and to ensure that the industry and other stakeholders understand how the regulations will work,” said Natural Resources Minister Margaret Miller. “These amendments are necessary to provide clarity and functionality within the act.” The amendments include ensuring the registrar of mineral and petroleum titles has the expressed authority to undertake the responsibilities identified within the act and regulations. Amendments will also clarify the process when appealing a decision by the minister. In addition, there are several other amendments which include removing some duplicated sections of the act, clarifying language regarding decisions that are solely the authority of the minister, and correcting typographical errors.last_img read more