Good youth stories inspire young people in Xining

In August 24th, 25, the province’s "positive youth" share group in Xining to carry out a series of activities to share. At the municipal, county and enterprise 3 sharing meeting, the 5 members of the group to share with the 300 members of the youth to share their dreams, dreams of the struggle and growth experience.

to combat criminal field, "the police criminal investigation technology of young skilled positions, 18 year old Star Yu Xiu; root oil, painstaking research of business knowledge, grow from an ordinary oil workers of Qinghai oilfield the skills of experts, the history of Kunming won the national labor medal…… The majority of young people with their own feelings and experiences of life, with simple and vivid language to share their struggle of youth story. Live interactive sessions, members of the group and the majority of members of the youth sharing face to face struggle, talk about youth sentiment, so that the scene of the young people were encouraged.  

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