nstitutions recruitment will no longer be across the board

recently, human resources and social security department in conjunction with the provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued a revised "Qinghai provincial public institutions to recruit staff measures" and "Qinghai provincial public institutions to recruit written work," the detailed rules for the implementation of the "institutions of Qinghai province public examination recruitment work implementation details" and the "Qinghai provincial public institutions recruitment examination and employment the detailed rules for the implementation", strengthen and standardize the institutions open recruitment process management, established a relatively complete and standardized institutions open recruitment system.
– the further implementation of the autonomy of the employer. In the business unit personnel recruitment, recruitment, recruitment conditions set and recruitment, can independent audit examinee registration qualifications, self organization examination, political work; for special jobs, and the shortage of professional master degree in the post, by the employing unit to organize the written examination and interview; approved by the personnel management department after the institutions can organize recruiting activities according to the demand at any time, and to determine more scientific and flexible way of recruitment, will no longer be required for large-scale centralized recruitment.
– Higher Vocational Colleges in the future of independent recruitment. PhD and with a higher than the title of high-level personnel will directly apply for employment procedures. Institutions of higher learning, higher vocational colleges and universities, including undergraduate and below the ordinary posts, are organized by the University of independent recruitment. However, the process of open recruitment should be strictly in accordance with the principles of openness, transparency and competition, and shall be carried out according to the standard procedures for the examination and approval of the personnel management department.
– clear state level two is responsible for the recruitment management mechanism. In order to further improve the recruitment efficiency, ensure the recruitment examination candidates for safety, avoid long, taking the official county organizations recruitment authority, responsible for the establishment by the provincial and city level two recruitment management mechanism. At the same time, to ensure the standardized recruitment policy, to ensure that the recruitment policy of fairness and justice, avoid the recruitment conditions of the person Shegang, plus all kinds of policies, the new policy recruitment scheme should be reported to provincial cities, organization and personnel management department for approval for the record, you can organize the implementation.
– adjust the clear personnel management department focus. In the implementation of the employer autonomy at the same time, state level two personnel management department will be mainly through audit strictly formulated by the employing unit recruitment plan, to further strengthen the supervision and management work, the audit focused on whether the employer is empty, if there is a vacancy, the recruitment process is in accordance with the requirements, recruitment conditions are legitimate and reasonable. The responsibility is clear, the focus of our work to gradually adjust to the supervision and guidance, implementing personnel autonomy and strengthen the macro management of the combination, to ensure open recruitment open, transparent and fair.
– further strict recruitment work discipline. The revised "measures" proposed more stringent and more specific requirements for the recruitment work discipline, recruitment requirements establish work duty mechanism, leadership responsibility lifelong responsibility system, strengthen the investigation and punishment of violations of the recruitment work.

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