Water saving, Xining in action

in late September, from the country’s water conservancy experts gathered in Xining, field trips, audit materials, seminars and exchanges, the construction of water-saving society in Xining pilot conducted a comprehensive acceptance evaluation. In the end, the city of Xining to score 93.2 points through the assessment, the higher than the mid-term assessment of the score of 10.1, becoming the largest in the the Yellow River River Basin in the pilot cities of the 11 cities.

Behind the

score, Xining city is to firmly establish the "governance strategy, water for Zheng Ning" development philosophy results; Xining is 7 years continuously ingrained concept of saving results, is the result of the people of Xining continue to raise awareness of the construction of a conservation oriented society.

water saving: into the new requirements of urban development

data show that Xining city water resources total 1 billion 314 million cubic meters, per capita water resources of about 600 cubic meters, nearly 1/4 only the national per capita water resources, ecological resources type city of severe water shortage.

and the city’s various water conservancy projects annual 648 million cubic meters of water, each department of national economy needs 709 million cubic meters of water, the spatial and temporal distribution of water resources and water resources quantity restrictions, ecological and agricultural irrigation in 61 million cubic meters of water.

with the rapid economic and social development of the city and city urbanization in recent years, water consumption is increasing year by year, the scope of water will expand, will the deterioration of water environment and the shortage of water resources has become the bottleneck of resources the city’s economic and social development.

since 2006, the city of Xining is listed as the second batch of water-saving society construction pilot area, Xining city in order to create a water management system as the main body, the construction of water-saving society pilot work throughout the process in the whole economic and social development. "Government led, sectoral linkage, the participation of all the people," the water-saving society gradually formed mechanism.

to complete the preparation of the "planning" for the construction of water-saving society in Xining city "and the implementation of the pilot construction of water-saving society in Xining city plan" as the leading Xining City, striving for water saving projects and 3 billion 80 million yuan of funds to implement the key projects of the city’s water supply water projects, irrigation water-saving renovation project. At the same time, the combination of advanced water-saving technology and conventional water-saving technology.

in the 7 years of continuous exploration and practice, Xining city has issued the "Xining Water Resources Management Ordinance", "Xining City Water Conservation Regulations" and "Xining City, the total water control and quota management system", and gradually establish and perfect the system of water-saving society construction and management of unique, efficient use of system engineering and technology capacity the ability to coordinate the economic structure and system of water resources and water resources.

compared with that in 2005, Xining City yuan GDP water consumption by 328.35 cubic meters down to 111.42 cubic meters; yuan industrial added value of water by 256.64 cubic meters down to 85.6 cubic meters from 56.2% to 70%; industrial water recycling; effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water increased from 0.35 to 0.45; city water-saving appliances;

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