Xining City, a new high military parade drill held

1000 summer students, soldiers on the battlefield in autumn. The morning of August 29th, the Fifth Middle School of Xining city in the slogan loud, from the city of Xining, 13 municipal high school freshmen in the first grade of high 1000 held here "air Cup" the first grade high new "three" "civil defense" and the military parade rehearsal, making new year the first lesson of the answer.

9:30, with two flares into the sky, Xining municipal middle school in 2013 "air Cup" the first grade high new "three" "civil defense" and the military parade drills began. 13 military training team from 13 middle school students all lined up, the momentum of the parade high spirited valiant and heroic in bearing.

Province, Xining people’s Air Defense Office and the Xining Municipal Education Bureau staff said, the military training is to cultivate all-round development of students, but also an important measure for the cultivation of qualified talents. To carry out military training is a compulsory course for students to receive national defense education, organization and discipline education, patriotism education, national spirit education, collectivism education, and fine traditional military education. Can effectively enhance the physical fitness of students, strengthen the students’ sense of discipline, cultivate students’ fine style, temper the indomitable will of the students. Through the "three" "civil defense" knowledge education can make students learn to respond to natural disasters, and other emergencies, learn to self rescue skills, effectively reduce the disaster casualties. (author: Yuan Zhen)

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