Tianjin Binhai New Area to create a strong atmosphere of the double zone

with the development of the region, China has gradually realized the benefits of an industry gathering area. Tianjin Binhai New Area will form a new innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, a complete industrial chain for entrepreneurs to dredge the upstream and downstream, aspects of entrepreneurship and marketing one-stop.

the Binhai New Area in the domestic first mention of double concept of sar. Within the region of entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere, various departments and functional areas according to the characteristics of the existing stage of development, the introduction of a lot of gold full support policies. The effect of the policy is also emerging, a large enterprise is emerging. It is worth noting that the Binhai New Area in double aspect focuses on the creation of the birth more "Ma" environment, rather than how to cultivate "Ma" micro, to distinguish between the boundaries of government and market. This is as the forerunner to the management of Binhai Chinese dedicated experience.

double foot special charm

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