The marketing trick with excellent Naitu

is now the market information is so big, even if the wine is also hard to find consumers, so various brands are doing marketing warfare. So how to do marketing? In this regard, 3D and Naitu paint colorful granules is an expert, it’s worth the investment business from the marketing trick.

One trick: no

; brand achievement wealth

Trick two:

launched a comprehensive network of public relations, marketing of commercial buildings, shopping malls and other key projects. Or with the real estate developers, according to the many real estate developers launched the sale of hardcover apartment layout scheme, and direct negotiation and cooperation, for the entire single, large single. Huge profit margins, to ensure that as long as you lock large and medium projects, will win amazing profits.

Trick three:

experience to create wealth

Trick four: build a model of


free set model project in the local government or the bustling streets or famous commercial buildings, community, and please model project owners to introduce new customers the benefits of 3D paint color tablets, let everyone in different rooms with different series of decorative effect of see, speak with facts, data and model project, triggered a huge market from the customer, such as.

Trick five:

trick six: vertical and horizontal integration     enjoy ready-made income

To establish a good business relationship with

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