Wedding photography chain store decoration details

wedding photography industry is booming, the wealth can be mined huge space to attract a large number of investors concerned. If you want to shop you need to examine the details of each operation. For example, wedding photography chain decoration design work. How to carry out this work? Learn together.

1, a chain store decoration wedding photography is the first commercial color and texture, color and a wedding of two colors, which requires interior design colors play a background role, try to highlight the color of wedding. In addition, the texture of the goods are often in a particular light and background to show the charm. For example, the display of glassware, it is necessary to highlight its glittering and translucent features to attract customers. Followed by the commodity groups and individuals, the commodity is in the presence of groups or individuals appear to have a great impact on the customer’s purchase. Small commodity groups can play a noticeable role, but excessive aggregation will bring about "unsalable" speculation. Asymmetric group processing will give people a "smart" impression. As for the precious commodity only strictly limit the number of display can fully display the value of the goods occurs in groups, interior design should be accompanied by a lively atmosphere of prosperity; for individual goods, the design should be the pursuit of elegant and comfortable style.

2, wedding photography shop chain and commodity type size range, size range of similar goods is much, such as the museum has large wedding dress dress wedding dress and short, pretty little and dainty. This variation caused by the different sense of space, large range of goods on display, modelling is rich, but also easy to cause the disorder, the design should be emphasized in order to artificially reduce the decoration elements. Small changes in the range of goods arranged neatly, but easy to fall into monotonous, should pay attention to changes in the design, increase decorative elements.

3, wedding photography chain, of course, also consider the shape of the goods, the same kind of commodity shape changes, the space on the feeling lively, but also easy to clutter. If the difference in the image of the goods sold, the concept of space should pay attention to change, otherwise it will make people feel stiff. Such as shoes, among other changes, and our common shoe are classified arrangement, it is difficult to arouse people’s interest. On the contrary, some changes in the foreign shoe store often make full use of space and display device, resulting in the lively atmosphere. In addition, the shape of goods also has variability. For example, the use of models to create a colorful wedding dress. Models are often the main composition elements of fashion stores.


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