Seven principles applicable to entrepreneurship

now the employment situation is not optimistic, the government is still doing positive efforts to encourage entrepreneurship, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial boom constantly one after another, let each of us from getting closer. Next, the whole network share seven for business principles, hope to bring inspiration for entrepreneurs.

1.    wise investment principles: in the investment world, there are two ways to spend money: stupid investment (fund investors to entrepreneurs and then began to look forward to return) and wise investment (apart from the money back to investors, entrepreneurs to share their ideas and experience other valuable help). The most successful start-ups will always reject those stupid investors, they hope that in addition to money investors can provide other help for the enterprise. You should do the same when choosing a partner, and your partner should be able to provide you with support and help to make you a better person.

2.  Value  beyond  money:  for an enterprise, no matter how well you run, sooner or later the problem will arise. What really matters is not your creativity, but the value you bring to the user. Only with this value, you can establish contact with the user. Love is also the case, the other party to provide you with help, you should also help each other, so that the two of you grow together.

3.  early investors are the winners:   in the investment, those who first invested in a start-up investors (such as seed wheel and A round of financing), is the most rewarding investors. Yes, the risk of early investment is higher. But early investment is also more exciting, more intimate with each other, and once you’re successful, you’ll have a higher profit. If you see a good girl to let your heart, but also did not overtake her, and quickly start.

4.  cooperation:   the time for a man to set up a business empire has passed. Today’s new businesses are built by people who know how to cooperate, who value the help and advice of others who are ready to listen to others and change their original ideas. Since you can listen to other people’s advice when you start a business, why do you have to say it yourself in your life?

5.  attention to mistakes and failures: in the United States, each start-up companies try to attract investors, they will be very detailed description of their previous failures. In Silicon Valley this place, has experienced the defeat is actually one thing which is worth showing off. Failure makes you lose, but it gives you valuable experience. With these experiences, you can continue to seek your entrepreneurial dreams.

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