2016 of the group to expand the NPC and CPPCC Deputy Prime Minister


2016 NPC and CPPCC is very active, from the Standing Committee Deputy Prime Minister to have a very big action, this year is not only the seven committee members to his delegation and the "group" participation, even the deputy prime minister are involved in the "group".

During the annual national

10, a leader of the State Council members are representatives of the National People’s Congress, according to their own work experience, belong to a local group. Li Keqiang and Zhang Gaoli to the Politburo Standing Committee, every year to participate in a number of other delegations considered is regular, the Vice Premier and the State Councilor in previous years is rarely so.

this massive group they say what?

as in charge of teaching, Vice Premier Wen, health and sports, participate in local group deliberations, Liu Yandong has always been the focus of these areas. Mission in Beijing, she said, to speed up the pace of reform in education, science and technology, health care, culture, sports and other fields, so that the people share the fruits of reform. Mission in Hubei, she urged to accelerate the equalization of basic public services in education, health, culture, sports, etc., to promote the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, as soon as possible to rationalize the key areas and key aspects of drug prices.

in the vigorous development of private enterprises in Zhejiang, Wang praised entrepreneur hardworking and good at learning; the agricultural province of Jilin, Mr. Wang called for the development of modern agriculture, increase farmers’ income, effectively undertake food and agricultural province of Jilin to play. In four recommended

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