Policy support in the door good business

years after it is returned to the north of Guangzhou migrant workers work peak, however, with the development of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, many migrant workers have to leave the hometown to make money, in the "home" business become more and more people choose.

2 23 the 16th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, according to usual practice should be a good day for migrant workers to leave". However, this year’s sixteen month, Mengcheng Automobile Exhibition Center in crowded, 248 enterprises recruitment stalls were tens of thousands of job seekers crowded around. Reporters on the scene saw the understanding of the situation, registration information, discuss treatment…… A busy career scene, so that the two football stadium large hall, it is very crowded.

and the number of job seekers, have excellent welding skills of Li Hongli, over the years and no travel. The sixteen morning, at the age of 32, he hurried 30 miles away from the countryside to the recruitment site. Ten years ago, Li Hongli carries an electric welder certificate, to the Zhejiang area for work, and gradually mastered the skills of welding technology, the annual income of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan from the beginning and gradually increased to nearly one hundred thousand yuan. He built a house in his hometown, bought a car, the day is getting more and more prosperous.

"Spring Festival this year to see the great changes in my hometown, I decided to stay, so as to take care of the children and parents, but also earn a lot of revenue.  , "Li Hongli told reporters, a large auto parts company welding jobs aroused his interest.   "you see this enterprise with the minimum wage paid on a monthly income of six thousand or seven thousand yuan, is expected to have, there are five social insurance and one housing fund, not much worse than the Jiangsu and Zhejiang enterprises.   "after a preliminary understanding, Li Hongli registered his information, decided to go to the factory to see……

and Li Hongli have the same idea, and for many years engaged in middle management in enterprises in the field of Wang Yongsheng. He saw the home enterprises to provide a lot of well paid jobs, but also is very fond of him.  : "out of employment may be more income, but far away from home, the loss of affection is no more money can not make up for.   Wang Yongsheng through the calculation of the family home, the two accounts, or feel better in his hometown.   recruitment manager, the annual salary of 60 thousand yuan, plus commission. " ," he decided to stay behind in the face of a firm offer.

The development of

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