Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning

is the so-called: "a paradise under Jervois" the beauty of Suzhou is as everyone knows, it is human environment, economic environment, every year attracts a large number of people going to Suzhou. This time, Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning. In the future, Suzhou will show us a new look, so what is the overall plan?

Suzhou City ushered in a major opportunity for development! The State Council recently approved the "Suzhou city master plan (2011 – 2020)", means that Suzhou city development goals and the path of national level recognition, also outline new roadmap for the development of a new round of city".

State Council approved that Suzhou is a national historical and cultural city and tourist city, the national high-tech industrial base, one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River delta. It is precisely because of the development of Suzhou in the overall situation of the country’s development has an important position, its planning must withstand many aspects of the test, and be able to integrate into the national development strategy. Suzhou City Planning Bureau Chief Planner Xu Keming introduction, in accordance with the provisions of municipalities, provincial capitals and the State Council to determine the city, the overall plan must be submitted to the State Council approved. Suzhou city master plan since 2011 reported to pass through the middle after several modifications, repeated grinding.


" is on the checkpoints success, Suzhou truly know and respect and comply with the rules of city development, put forward the scientific development path." Xu Keming introduction, according to the plan, Suzhou will be built into a prosperous economy, harmonious livable, ecological good, vibrant, distinctive modern city. To achieve this goal, the development path is not for big ocean, but from the importance of urban and rural regional harmonious development, the reasonable control of the size of city, improve the city infrastructure, the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly city, under the meticulous Kung Fu, reflect the Suzhou characteristic.

, for example, to 2020, the central city of Suzhou resident population within 3 million 600 thousand and the city construction land control in less than 380 square kilometers, is prohibited in the construction of "overall planning" to determine the scope of land outside the establishment of development zones and city district. The development of rail transit, the establishment of public transport as the main body, a combination of various modes of transport, multi-level, multi types of urban integrated transport system.

according to the approval requirements, Suzhou will play a greater role in the Yangtze River Delta Metropolitan area. The coordinated development of Suzhou will deepen with the city of Shanghai, and promote the construction of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou metropolitan area, and the surrounding city to strengthen the Taihu Sea region, the Grande Canale coastal environmental governance, infrastructure construction and cultural tourism cooperation.

in the process of economic development, good geographical advantage of Suzhou, continue to inject fresh blood for its development, which has a good ranking in the city, recommended

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