Tips to teach you a few stall business fortune

stall eliminates the need for expensive rental shops, a lot of entrepreneurs on the choice of friends. How can you stand out in the peer? There is also a need for skills. The following Xiaobian give you talk about the need to pay attention to a few points.

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Image stall is not like you in memories of the past dirty and messy, do not sit on the ground, can make a small stool or pad something to sit; don’t spit on the ground, the customer saw leave immediately; don’t take off the shoes sitting on the ground, even if you the feet clean, customers will feel uncomfortable; not even shirtless, reheat days, you should also wear a short sleeved.

bargaining Art: to have happiness within feeling, don’t force, not too much, you attract passing your stall with what way you bargain with. In fact, passers-by also like to bargain with you, when he is willing to bargain with you when your goods can basically be traded. So how to make money? Look at the people passing by the identity of some looks very simple, you can call the price low, if you see the passers-by looked very decisive (style), you can yell at a higher price, this is not a snob is a kind of art to make money. Of course, according to the

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