Ali cut regional e-commerce PHPWind cooperation with small and medium sites

April 13th, Alibaba’s generic station software developer PHPWind announced that it will reach a strategic cooperation agreement with 8 core regional website users, the joint development of new versions of the product. 8 cooperation website for the Kunshan hotline, Yuyao life network, Ningbo Tianyi forum, Xiamen fish nets, long lane, Taihu pearl net, music, new culture network.

PHPWind CEO Wang set that participate in the regional joint development of the website are well-known community industry, has a strong presence in the local, the two sides will exchange the depth of resources, PHPWind to provide free technical support for regional cooperation and regional participation in the website, a site for PHPWind to provide suggestions for the development of their own business experience, and demand back to PHPWind, help PHPWind optimize the new version of the products. Wang Ji said, PHPWind will expand the scope of the joint development of the site, and organize regular exchanges, to explore a more in-depth business model.

Wang Xueji believes that the regional website mostly small and medium sites, lack of technical strength, and the operating model has not yet fully mature, the need for specialized products and service providers, which is the value of PHPWind. In the next few years, PHPWind hopes to provide products and business cooperation in the way, to help existing regional web site, the emergence of a large number of annual revenue in millions to millions of websites.

insiders said that e-commerce is one of the most important development direction of regional sites, regional sites hope with e-commerce resources Alibaba, through the PHPWind into Taobao seller resources, Alipay credit system, phpwind Alibaba as a background, is an important basis for PHPWind implementation of the regional strategy.


group senior vice president Jin Jianhang said, the Alibaba group has good coordination ability, Alipay, Taobao, Alibaba, cloud computing company will provide support for phpwind on all fronts. It is understood that PHPWind has with Taobao, Alipay jointly promote the e-commerce community, utilities payment and other life business, and Ali cloud cloud computing will provide strong technical support for PHPWind based on PHPWind, to help create a small website data sharing platform and e-commerce marketing platform, providing storage, instant messaging, search and other technical support as a regional site.

2008, the industry that there is news that Alibaba group to 50 million yuan acquisition of PHPWind, but the two sides did not recognize the acquisition reached. By the end of 2009, PHPWind confirmed to the media, the company has been under the Alibaba group, is currently owned by the company Alipay, then Alipay CEO Shao Xiaofeng CEO directly to the report.

according to the preparation of Alibaba group, PHPWind currently belongs to Alibaba cloud computing.

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