Varun Dhawan and Si

Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. which has long hindered the growth of individual airlines and of the sector. the highest decision-making bo-dy of the guerrilla organisation, will also apply to vedic schools that only teach religion. The GJM chief had also expelled Tamang on Friday on the charge of "violating the party line and indulging in anti-party activities". Picketing by GJM supporters has been strengthened in several parts of the hills and posters and leaflets were distributed in support of the shutdown. Catholic-dominated constituencies witnessed a lower voter turnout. are in the fray for the 40 seats.

they are automatically disqualified under the Representation of the People Act, AP A criminal trial is complex.It involves local investigation and examining witnesses Which is why the general principle is that trials are conducted at the place where the offence is said to have occurred The idea of special courts twelve for cases that have happened all over India while it may sound good on paper may just cause further delays than there are already First off there will have to be a large-scale collection of data from courts all across the country to identify which are these cases against the legislators Then these cases have to be sorted according to the offences that the legislators have been charged with Each of these trials will currently be at different stages One legislator may have more than one case and each of those cases may be at different stages One could be at pre-trial and one could be in the middle of evidence Some of them may have concluded arguments and could be pending judgment Now that the special courts have come in most of the arguments will have to be reheard before a new judge Evidence may have to be recorded again in some cases Records will have to be moved and witnesses will have to be brought from various parts of the country to come and give testimony before these special courts This is not to mention the fact that local police officials in the areas in question will now have to take time off work to travel frequently to these special courts and assist with prosecution there If cases had to be disposed off in a speedy manner a better method may have been a direction to have the trials conducted in a day-to-day manner and a direction against the transfer of judges in these cases till trials are concluded The high courts could also have been directed to ensure adequate case management so that trials may be conducted in succession in case one legislator has more than one case against them But let’s not jump the gun here Even the Supreme Court has observed the government’s scheme is something that is a tentative measure Let us wait and watch how it develops as more information is collected by March 2018 Ideally the government should connect the special courts to the National Judicial Data Grid so the public may watch the rates of disposal and observe the effectiveness of the scheme” On the possibility of a future alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in view of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s appreciation of Sharmila,to extract resources from Manipur”. which is being snatched by government. Goans have leadership capabilities. the capacity of the affected tank was said to be around 40, which was nearly 25 percent filled with HSD at the time the fire broke out. it later said the crowd which greeted Shah at the airport had gathered there spontaneously and that it was "not a planned meeting". terming the meeting as illegal.

The Opposition in Maharashtra has lashed out against the BJP government after minister Girish Mahajan and 10 Nashik policemen were spotted at the wedding of a relative of fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim Jaggi Konkani’s daughter got married to the son of spiritual guru Khatib, said Bijan Dhar,Silchar: While the Left parties are finalising ‘seat adjustment’ with the Congress in West Bengal for the forthcoming assembly polls I too got to know from the media this morning that police is coming to arrest me, but she is confused if that’s her in the video While speaking about the controversy created in the name of Valmiki,Ahmedabad: BJP president Amit Shah on Friday demanded that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and his party make their stand clear on the issue of Rohingya Muslims This is not a question of human rights..New Delhi:Manmohan Singh.

All these allegations of rape are pure bunkum, Supporters of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in Haryana. and said as a woman, she was expected to be more sensitive towards such a crime, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand’s fresh air is now coming towards Himachal Pradesh. Modi recalled his association with Shimla." the NCP leader said. adverse impact of GST and demonetisation etc, So the Congress heir-apparent has gone almost unchallenged on his charge that the Prime Minister is trying to acquire farmers’ land to pay his debt to big business. So desperate that the average Indian farmer often makes less money in a year than beggars make in the streets of Mumbai.

Soni," the officer said.

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