Ding Lei CEO also low-key publicity to the era of marketing how to play

recently, one of the most mysterious figures China Internet NetEase CEO Ding Lei, was full of moisture played live. For two hours, Ding Lei kept playing with iPhone7, even put it one hour test waterproof performance in the water, not only during the broadcast attracted 5 million users to watch, subsequent reports also do enough exposure, influence should not be overlooked.

look at Ding Lei live content that was originally crafted Wangpo saying marketing show, with NetEase and NetEase koala sea purchase news, NetEase and even a cloud music "the world" Mobile Games promotional video content during Ding Lei’s high-profile low-key live the purpose behind it is self-evident, in the purpose of NetEase in the crowd no doubt has been reached.

In those years

Internet CEO

filed CEO marketing, not in the Internet circle uncommon, millet Lei, 360, Zhou Hongyi Chen Ou of jumei.com, is probably three China Internet visibility higher, than some front-line entertainment stars, also has a PK capital in the visibility and influence. In Internet circles, no matter what the CEO seems to be in this matter are very keen, compared to traditional enterprise CEO to cherish the degree of feathers, showing the other side of Internet circle CEO.

in 2012, has won the title of the richest man in China Ma and Wang Jianlin bet one hundred million, caused great repercussions, many did not care about dynamic commercial users, also recognized the two individuals, potentially narrowing the psychological distance with ALI, wanda. 2013, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu modeled on 1 billion bet, also let them into an unprecedented influence. Chen Ou speak for himself, Zhou Hongyi archery test our mobile phone hard degree, even entertainment news of Liu Qiang East tea sister marriage history. These CEO personally go into battle marketing classic case, not to say the number of promotional expenses for the marketing department of each province, only from the obtained publicity, marketing is a model worthy of write a great deal about the.

today, more and more Internet companies leveraging CEO marketing, in "every day" "you" "the boss is how to make" and other entertainment programs, such as 360CEO Zhou Hongyi, the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, founder of Lily Mu rock also frequently exposed. On the big screen, the CEO figure is more and more common, such as "man" in a cameo. Zhang Zhaoyang, on the Internet Movie "air" and Huang Xiaoming starred opposite Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi is rumored to be "body" in the film starred in a military think-tank experts.

however, this is not a unique phenomenon Chinese Internet circle, as Chinese Internet teachers in the United States, some of the Internet giants are also very keen to take their own marketing, the most popular influence than Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates’s ice bucket challenge". In mid August this year, iPhone 7 launched on the eve of Cook came to China again, and released on micro-blog N>

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