Financing, gambling, saliva battle sharing bicycle market battle has begun

The confluence of

Beijing and Suzhou Street Danleng street, is one of the ofo in the first place on the city market.

a red body placed in the 200 meters outside the v-mobile bike.

September 26th, ofo access to tens of millions of dollars from the trip to strategic investment.

September 30th, v-mobile C round of financing exposure, the amount of nearly $100 million, Hillhouse capital, Warburg Pincus investment led.

October 10th, ofo announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars C2 round of financing, with the C1 round of investment totaling $130 million.

October 13th, v-mobile announced a new round of financing, Tencent and beauty group Wang personally into the bureau.

shared bike war has begun.

capital and peers, ofo and Mobell confrontation in the business and on the market.

October 10th, ofo announced officially entered the business in Shanghai City, and Beijing invested hundreds of small car trial operation. In Beijing, ofo select pilot operating area is Zhongguancun and on the ground. Ofo co-founder Zhang Siding, then explained that these areas are concentrated in the office area, white collar commuting between the subway and 1-3 short distance travel, it is the urgent need to solve ofo.

served as vice president of investment in the real fund Zhang Zitao’s view, if the final is a solution to the trip of the game, then ofo will score city, and Mobell will into the campus. For ofo, the early campus business from 0 to 1, and then expanded from n to 1, has accumulated enough operational experience. Ofo with the amount of trial and error and learning costs, naturally have the ability to enter into a wider market city."

interestingly, ofo in Zhongguancun parking choice at the junction of Suzhou Street and Danleng street, in front of the building and building long-term world digital public parking car up. The trial operation strategy and the strategy was almost the same as Mobell bicycle.

on the other hand, in September 20th, v-mobile declared a third city of Guangzhou; in October 16th, v-mobile entered the fourth city of Shenzhen. From Shanghai to Beijing compared to 4 months, the pace has accelerated many obvious mobell.


Yang Ming (a pseudonym) remember the July staff training conference.

at ofo headquarters in Beijing, two days, ofo senior officials workers share their bone was from 0 to 1 to the north of Guangzhou City College’s successful experience. In Yang Ming’s eyes, the backbone of the staff is like pioneer pioneer". With him to participate in the training, as well as more than 100 new recruits from around the country. After the end of the training, they will be sent to Kunming, Ji’nan and other cities have not yet ofo heel heels, inherited the pioneers of the cause to help ofo

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