Why Chinese household appliances to capture Mexico or can occupy North America

China’s home appliance industry in Mexico the opportunity to come.

, as the two main target of the anti globalization argument of Trump, the president of the United States, China and Mexico may face too many variables after taking office. But this may bring opportunities for Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises.

China of household electrical appliance enterprises in Mexico, will gain a firm footing, North American headquarters lock in Mexico, equivalent to the North American and Latin American countries opened the door, or the future of the United States can alleviate possible trade sanctions. Even, you can take advantage of the geographical advantage of the rapid penetration of Latin American countries.

labor costs, geographical location, the advantages of free trade, these three advantages to establish the status of Mexico in the global home appliance industry.

data show that in 2014 the Mexico household electrical appliance production value of $7 billion 200 million, is the world’s seventh largest producer of household appliances. At the same time, the ink is the world’s fifth largest appliance exporter, in 2014, refrigerators and refrigeration equipment exports $2 billion 680 million, ranked first in the world (Chinese second, exports of $2 billion 130 million); air conditioner exports $740 million, ranking second (Chinese first, exports of $1 billion 20 million); capacity of more than 10 kilograms washing machine exports $490 million, ranking third (Chinese first, exports of $900 million). Mexico’s main export markets are the United States, Canada and Latin america.

is important, or between China and Mexico will set off a new round of investment boom. "China Mexico strategic partnership is very important, we are very happy with Mexico to work together, to inject new energy for the relations between the two sides, we are sure to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides." On December 8, 2016, Chinese ambassador to Mexico Qiu Xiaoqi delivered a speech to the people of Mexico in commemoration of the 45 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

On the second day of

, China ink signed the agreement on the transportation of Mexico food to china. In addition, China National Offshore Oil Corporation has also participated in the bidding and won two contracts on the exploration of offshore oil fields in Mexico. There is no doubt that standing at the height of the country, in the name of the country to do endorsements, cooperation between the two countries or enter a new turning point.

compared with other industries, Chinese household electrical appliances in Mexico, whether direct or indirect, in fact, have a certain foundation. For China’s home appliance industry, the opportunity to seize the opportunity to repair the ink between the two countries, which means that in North America and Latin America multiplier.



household appliances enterprises gathered in Mexico

is the third largest trade partner, an important global assembly of electronic products and export country, many of the world famous enterprises have long been aware of the importance of Mexico in the field of ink and pitch camp.

by the end of 2016, HUAWEI, Samsung (Samsung), SHARP (Sharp), LG, Matsushita (Panasonic), Whirlpool (Whirlpool), Electrolux (Elect>

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