Webmaster, do you see the rise of rural netizens

January 17, 2008, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the twenty-first China Internet report. Among them, the total number of Internet users, such as 10 percent of the data has become the focus of the majority of experts, industry insiders. (click to view the top 10 data http://s.cnnic.cn/html/Dir/2008/01/17/4966.htm ); which rapidly growing rural Internet users constitute an important part of the new Internet users. 2007 annual growth rate of more than 100% rural users, reaching 127.7%, the number of Internet users in rural areas reached 52 million 620 thousand. 73 million new Internet users in the proportion of 4, that is, from the rural areas of 29 million 170 thousand.


please note the red font. Single from the data, the number of Internet users in rural areas is indeed very rapid growth, it is estimated that this year there will be greater development!

now we are in the webmaster website, most of the city as the center, facing the city life, information, entertainment website. But it is precisely because of this, this part of the website more and more, dare not say is already saturated, but at least can be said to have significant weakness, fierce competition, the development of space is more and more crowded. Obviously, if there is no good ideas and technology, to create a career here has been very difficult.

but now we don’t say the change of thinking, people in rural areas have no culture, no knowledge, no equipment, no Internet, low quality and so on, these are a thing of the past, if you are a city, we must completely get rid of the inherent thought, if you are rural people, more must have the hero eye. So, we should be open to an entrepreneur’s identity to do a website, the rural land cultivated.

first to talk about the site for rural areas, what is the first". In the rural areas, especially in the coastal areas, the economic development is relatively fast, and the country’s friendly policies to farmers, the countryside is becoming more and more modern. Many rural schools are beginning to have a computer course, more and more children can use the computer, because the basic popularity of the telephone, so the Internet will become easier and easier.

and a large number of rural young people have been to the city to work, how much understanding of the network, which also plays a significant role in the dissemination of rural network information. Moreover, the farmers are not farming for 365 days, they also need entertainment, also need information. CNNIC 07 years from the growth of Internet users in rural areas accounted for about 4 of the data can also be seen, the rapid development of rural Internet information.

now on the web site on the countryside, most of them are government agencies. It can be said that such a thing is not a friend of farmers do not like, but not easy to accept. There are a number of similar e-commerce rural theme sites, such sites are relatively practical. For example, farmers want to buy seeds or sell food, this platform is very convenient and easy to use. As for what model of the platform for rural

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