On the feasibility of soft marketing

we live in an age of information and communication. The flow of information channels and the radiation of the media to narrow the distance between you and me. Even if you are in the depths of the boudoir, always with the mobile phone, receive all kinds of information of the irrigation and other computer equipment. The word "information" in the transformation of social economy progress today is more sensitive to the eruption of the infinite energy is huge, in the hot competition in the electricity supplier, "information warfare" is the focus of the struggle between the two sides of the dispute, who won the "information war", who will be able to grasp the source of information dissemination, grasp the advantage in the competition. So with the traditional media advertising hot rise, and brings a wide range of influence, more and more people are involved, a lot of money with them. However, everything is full of contradictions, the traditional media advertising in a huge advantage at the same time, the high cost, half effect, occlusion of the communication channels, falling in the rapid economic and Technological Development and the pace of people’s aesthetic needs and weaknesses are exposed. Is there a new way to share the advantages of traditional media, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises can afford, so many people think of marketing.

definition of marketing I’m not wordy, is in the form of soft information, through the network, newspapers, magazines and other media related communication enterprises, in order to achieve the enterprise brand promotion, sales promotion business to a marketing way. Today Xiaobian about the feasibility of soft marketing.

from the economic point of view, the cost of marketing is much lower than the traditional print media advertising. Traditional advertising just cast a ten seconds of advertising or half page advertisement, price is tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, remember mor day price Promo < < > > Chinese railway;? Only 5 minutes of the film has invested 18 million 500 thousand. Although there is a corruption of tricky, but according to insiders shooting Promo actual production costs (including tax) also have 67 million. This is how high the cost. Small and medium enterprises have the ability to do a corporate promo. The comparison of marketing ideas and strategies, focusing on investment, it is no wonder that some "soft, creative planning fee" and "soft writing fees", "soft release fee", if the means of submission, forum, blog soft release, top costs plus push, several links add up to the cost is very limited. Even, you have the ability to do soft Wen planning, soft writing and soft release, to achieve efficient free publicity, so the price advantage is obvious soft.

from a technical point of view, the traditional media advertising can be said to be set to create a lot of manpower, material resources, collection technology, and less complex, need professional people, equipment and technology for its service, long production cycle, the basic of disposable consumables, and interlocking, poor scalability. The soft Wen marketing is technically very simple, one is soft writing, one is soft Wen released. Soft writing is to write good soft Wen, soft Wen release is to write the soft Wen issued through the media platform, you can choose to contribute free, BBS post, Bowen release etc.

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