Analysis of website brand and domain value

a lot of people think the most important is the website technology and operations, but personally think that is more important than technology and operation is the domain name.

do not grab a good brand domain name. Happy net smash hit, in Thousand Oaks bought the domain name, flow ladder rising brand using this is the domain name, do not have their own brand promotion, with the success of others to do their own stepping stone. Because users are aware of happy net, Internet will greatly direct input, instead of,. Chen Yizhou made a big deal on the domain name.


(happy network Alexa trend)

was also the brand invasion, 8684 bus network, we check the bus, all know 8684, but many users enter 8684 bus network domain, often inadvertently put into, which is related to the habits of Internet users, because most netizens enter the site is COM domain, CN domain name is not the also imitate, start a copycat version of the bus query, is the genuine public inquiry website. Domain names can be imitated, but data, resources, operations and ideas can never imitate.

a sense of life, work diligently, opportunist

will perish!

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