The price war caused by easy fast large explosion will push the compensation plan

announced that the joint Tencent invested 500 million yuan to join the largest electricity supplier in the history of the price war, the country’s top third 3C e-commerce website is fast and easy to encounter the " ". Due to the sharp surge in orders, fast and easy net in recent days there was a large area of the explosion. In May 20th, there are a number of users in the micro-blog " Tucao " said he was in the fast and easy orders have been delayed.

this, the person in charge of the fast and easy network admits, due to the sharp increase in orders before the promotion of the forecast, the current fast and easy logistics is indeed facing a relatively large test. " in the past we have a day of orders in about 2-3 million or so, in order to deal with the promotion, we turn two times, that is, the day of the level of 6-8 million to prepare. I did not expect the first day of orders on the more than 80 thousand single, sales of around 50 million, the average number of orders over the past few days over a single, far beyond our ability to withstand the 100 thousand. "

according to the reporter, in May 15th, Yi Xun 6 anniversary of the big promotion officially launched, combined with the promotion of the joint venture of the big brands, digital home appliances, the 50 percent off floor of the spike in the audience, the 20. According to a major business platform to grab data display, easy fast balance of the 3000 commodity prices rose less than that of other B2C business platform in the channel. The first page in the fast and easy shopping site " 6 year anniversary, only this time " the promotion theme more directly show the fast and easy " to " determination.

reporter randomly selected several products, found that the price really very fast and easy network advantage. For example, men more effective moisturizing shampoo Qingyang curing type 750ml, fast and easy net selling price is 39.9 yuan, the same product Amazon price of 59.9 yuan, 76.9 yuan mall Jingdong; he YD-5013B portable vacuum cleaner, Yi Xun net price of 99 yuan, with 108 yuan of Jingdong; Electrolux toaster toaster EKTS200, fast and easy net the price of 69 yuan, with a minimum of Jingdong to 159 yuan.

" " type melee; the low price promotion, immediate effect. Yi Xun staff told reporters that the 15 day of a 0 point, there are more than 2 million people into the fast and easy network, than usual traffic has increased by 3 times, resulting in a fast and easy server due to excessive load, downtime phenomenon, easy fast even in the home play: " Pro the scene, too busy, too many users visit, please wait again! " the prompt, to alleviate traffic on the impact of the influx of the server.

according to the data released by the network fast and easy fast and easy, the 6 anniversary of the big pro on the first day of the station under the singular breakthrough 80 thousand single, total order amount exceeded 50 million, while the weekend 19 days, fast and easy sales record again, reaching 82 million


Yi Xun said that currently being squeezed in the warehouse waiting for orders shipped large

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