SNS website operation and promotion plan

recently a friend to operate a SNS class website: peer club, I generally look at the next product, the brain plans to operate and promote the idea of:

1, the site is located in the city alumni and fellow circle model, but the site’s promotion is also basically not started, there is no PR, even a very small, the bottom of the home page is basically no friendship connection.

2, first of all to start the friendship connection exchange work, the home page to set aside about 30 friendship connection position, the design of a special automatic connection exchange program, the effect of a good connection automatically ranked in the forefront.

3, start soft Wen promotion plan, in Admin5, Chinaz, 20ju platform promotion. This work is going to last.

4, start network promotion.

5, the site has not been linked to statistical code, it should be hung on the cnzz statistics, it is best to do Google Analytics statistics.

6, start similar SNS site promotion plan, such as: happy, 51, Renren, etc., from these SNS intercept some traffic, get some registered users.

7, try to QQ e-mail group promotion plan. See someone wrote that this way to promote good results.

8, in cooperation with the media, such as Comensenz to promote its SNS platform, but also in the open platform to promote Manyou, so consider doing the Manyou plug-in, the realization of Tongxingshe product concept, so as to obtain more registered users. Keep close contact with Comensenz, appropriate time to < webmaster > magazine submission. As a case of UChome products to promote.

9, to participate in a number of industry meetings, learning Gjj students, printed on the T-shirt website publicity text. Personally appreciate the Gjj of this ubiquitous promotion model!

10, the company, as well as related friends, all invited / asked / requested them in MSN, QQ message promotion, as well as the use of the bottom of the message to promote the signature bit.

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