The whole Ali wireless dual 11 rules radish sticks all have

[Reuters] billion state power after the mobile crazy game of dreaming for a year, this year the Alibaba in its wireless strategy double eleven, it seems less extremely excited the slogan, but according to billion state power network to understand, the Alibaba for wireless client expectations and layout has not diminished the slightest. Sources have revealed to billion state power network, Ali internal double eleven this year Taobao mobile phone sales accounted for more than 50% of the estimated.

Ali wireless

in the double eleven period, the Alibaba has announced a series of wireless end big promotion rules and play, both on the mobile phone Taobao, Tmall also has a mobile phone, the mobile terminal operating through attention "carrot + Stick" approach to motivate sellers, billion state power network will be organized as follows:

a, wireless details page into the necessary condition


mobile phone in front of the double eleven shop details page made a major transformation, which is an important change in the details of the release of graphic editing new features to achieve a key release details of the phone page". In order to stimulate the seller to set up the phone details page, Taobao will release the baby mobile version of the details page as one of the conditions involved in this year’s double 11, double investment activities in one of the 12. In addition, the mobile phone has not issued a description of gold sellers, there may be Taobao return.

two, wireless vendors to enter the priority

in the wireless side of the decoration of the shop, and in 90 days there is a wireless end of the Taobao store, will be given priority to get Taobao double Carnival admission qualifications 11.

three, on the code Amoy started marketing war

in 2014 to participate in eleven of all the shops, through the code Amoy package code to open their own shops in advance of the interaction to store marketing activities. Consumers by scanning the two-dimensional code package, directly involved in the store red envelopes.

four, Amoy rush and spike pit to be robbed


this is the phone Taobao two important resources, including a total of about 55 pits. Registration of these two locations businesses need to meet the requirements:

1, no reason to return goods into the 7+ service

2, 30 days have been sold between 10~10 million in

3, commodity shipping costs borne by the seller

4, must be a market commodity

five, venue competition to take the horse racing rules

mobile phone Taobao eleven warm-up period, according to the venue of the activities of the day before the store’s core operating indicators of the wireless shop order (daily horse race 1). Wireless store core operating indicators, including but not limited to: store wireless shopping cart UV, wireless side plus collection UV, wireless terminal coupons to receive UV, wireless shop IPV_UV.


mobile phone dual eleven official period: 2/ hours a match, according to the wireless store within 2 hours before the main category turnover drop >

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