Tmall will not cancel the double eleven activity analysis

the two cold humor news a lot. There is news that Tmall next year will no longer double eleven big promotion, taking into account the impact of sales price system, profit was thin, causing a certain degree of damage to the brand, but for a vain fatigue of life and death. Tmall tried to establish a "Fifth Avenue" flagship store commercial street in the future, to better service system to replace the low price marketing." A little bit of thought will have a doubt, I do not believe that the next year, Tmall will cancel the double eleven.

one reason, double eleven has become an online shopping festival. After four years of 09-12 double eleven, double eleven shopping has become a national holiday, like to eat, eat moon cake Mid-Autumn Lantern Glutinous Rice Balls, the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings, singles day is shopping. The festival itself is the development from the start, and then spread to the public, the Western Valentine’s day, Christmas is spread in the domestic first small range, then gradually popular, and all the people. Eleven is the name of two singles name of the shopping festival, Tmall deliberately promotion network with a holiday together, as is the 11.11 popular, and online shopping together, like the Mid Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cake and dumplings, is different with the single online shopping are a product of the network virtual gene sure, but now you can double eleven people.

reason two, Tmall does not engage in, some people engage in. Since eleven has become a national shopping festival, the day the cat must have not to engage in other business, like the Mid Autumn Festival, you do not sell moon cake, this is my house to sell, how much good? If not to double the eleven next year, Tmall,, Jingdong, Tencent estimates mall electricity supplier who even dream will laugh. Tmall rivals are waiting for this big pie! Zhang Yong silly? Ma? Special holiday took four years to build up, they will certainly not, they submissively? Are fine.

reason three, consumer demand is there. During the double eleven, Ali Department of a transaction amount of up to 19 billion 100 million, a conservative estimate of the whole network can be at least up to 25 billion. What is this? This is the consumer demand ah, the pro! Such a big market, who do not want a piece of Tmall? No, not only the traditional electricity supplier celebration, retailers have applauded. Now everyone wants to grab Tmall’s "double eleven" piece of fat, but Tmall is too aggressive, other electricity providers to grab. There is a demand on the market, is not the truth?

four, a double eleven, double eleven loser. Tmall does not engage in double eleven, that is to give up electricity supplier Tmall leadership. Double eleven Tmall Trading Volume 13 billion 200 million, a total of 5 billion 900 million plus Taobao, 19 billion 100 million, this is another challenge to other electricity suppliers digital ah. Tmall to give up the double eleven, which may be seized by the other electricity supplier, the cat will start to lose the public opinion from the next year, double the advantages of the beginning of eleven. Losing the advantages of public opinion on Tmall’s future listing of the road and its disadvantages.

reason five, the end of the business inventory. Some people say that not only allows businesses to double eleven Baigan a life and death, but also hurt the brand. Nonsense, afraid of hurting.

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