Rapid improvement of the site traffic integrity rule

with the development of e-commerce, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, large and small e-commerce sites in order to attract a lot of traffic, have racked their brains. And what kind of marketing way is the best, the most suitable for their own business, perhaps not the most accurate answer, but for many small and medium enterprises, how to maximize the publicity through the limited cost, to attract more target groups, in fact there are still many methods to try.

a, soft marketing, value is the fundamental

soft Wen is able to direct advertising way to spread enterprise information or products. From the cost point of view, the cost of soft text is very low, but if an article written well, you can play the same effect. When you look at the media, usually in the news, newspapers and magazines, are likely to have a soft article, but you did not find. Soft itself is a kind of articles, as long as the content is good for you, you don’t have to go into is not soft. The low cost of soft marketing, so the majority of e-commerce companies have the form of soft Wen to promote their website.

two, blog, micro-blog marketing, interaction and execution

from the enterprise point of view, the blog is an important channel for enterprises to communicate with customers, and promote related products. Although ordinary people’s blog is not as great as celebrity blog can cause great repercussions, but insist on down, seriously to maintain, there must be unexpected harvest. So don’t want to publish an article or blog, micro-blog released a piece of information, can have much influence, but to the long run, with the original, enrich the contents of the title, strengthen the attraction, can even form their own blog circle, micro-blog circle, also can be extended to QQ, Wangwang group etc. and even under the line of interpersonal circle.

through the blog to spread enterprise and product information, the most critical thing is to provide value on the basis of interaction. If the information provided in your blog is useful to others, it will be a valuable information gathering platform for a long time. If you can achieve effective interaction with the visitors, he is likely to become your potential customers.

three, activity marketing, integrity for

draw only a short while ago this marketing way swept the Internet, especially in the first e-commerce bubble period, each big website with the lottery as to attract consumers and increase an important marketing network user group. In the lottery this happy, exciting play process, the company’s website and product information is naturally remembered by consumers. It can be said that the network lottery is a limit so that consumers can break through time and space and easy access to a certain return game, so in a very long period of time, this type of marketing is an important source of traffic to the site. But over time, consumers of this universal entertainment network sweepstakes gradually lost confidence. The reason is that there are serious problems in the lottery site itself.

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