Shanghai dragon Combat exclusive secret pages fast dry cargo included rankings

station on the line is in the middle of November 2016, the deadline for about a week, see from the whole web page collection of speed and ranking, spiders crawl frequency is very fast. Give you the inside pages in combat and achieve fast included in the page ranking method before, I must tell you two points.



first to make the page included and participate in the ranking, we must first consider the working principle of search engine, of course, do not underestimate the most basic things, you understand the core points, so the operation will be collected easily, as shown below:

in Shanghai dragon concept numerous, more or less every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have encountered some problems in the optimization of the more tangled, and many tangled problems, a word is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel mentioned relatively frequent words. We do not speak of the chain today, also do not speak in the chain, we collected and ranking, the old way, to continue to show the effect of case to all cases, as shown below:


document we can see that the principle is from crawling > originally included > > indexing; search word processing > ranking, although only a few steps, but each step has the outline of his core. Below I will put the whole core points to you one by one analysis.

The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

second, this is just a new station just on the line, and do not use any so-called pool to attract spider spider.

then there will be a lot of new friends will ask, is how to do fast included and can establish a part in the page ranking, this topic is the focus of this paper. First of all I have to say, if you have encountered problems included, then at least one thing you didn’t do well, that’s what you have been on the chain, the chain, layout, original content. Forget a key point, is the search engine ranking principle.

we need to understand that the search engine spiders to crawl and grab a page must meet the two characteristics of the chain, first, enough to attract the spider crawling; second, site update frequency. In the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside each site will have a grab frequency, and we can grab the frequency specific site as a favorite of the spider, also can understand popular site grab frequency is high, so your site is a spider like degree will be higher, which will accelerate your collection. If you use the spider pool for this type of program students >

, a crawling and crawling


first, the site all the articles were copied, any article content fell in love with the sea there are many times, breaking the traditional concept of creative thinking.

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