High weight website Shanghai dragon direction two internal structure adjustment

we do not know for internal site optimization has no attention to such a detail, the structural adjustment for the website whether from the key to recommend products and services, or the most useful information for the user, are very good, if a new product we need to recommend the company. Each page on the site as much as possible can show the user cases >

1, the recommended settings section, recommended to the user the best information

website internal structure is good or bad, can affect the optimization of the part has two aspects, one is the search engine for web crawling, especially large sites, because of its internal page, the search engine spider’s limited resources, be able to grab the page is certainly the site structure better in some web pages, and some deep level, relatively poor quality of the page may be abandoned, but if we can improve the structure of it may be able to help the search engine more grab a web page, the two is the experience effect on the user’s search, good website users can quickly through the link structure of the web site navigation, you want to find the information or products in this mall site is very important, if you want the user to find a product, a few minutes have not found the page That is, one thing is very horrible, also for the website is a thing very tragic, other search engines tend to recommend the best information to the user experience. So do website structure optimization, absolutely can bring significant effect to the work of our Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The front is first introduced the high weight of the site of Shanghai Longfeng direction, is mainly from the content quality requirements when we give website Shanghai dragon more users to provide authoritative, reliable, beautiful, original content information, it is very simple, but it’s hard to do, but the quality of content we also need to improve the long-term adherence, three days fishing nets two days of drying is to do good website content. There are many webmaster friends do Shanghai dragon very impatient, especially beginners, in fact the main mentality is not true, of course, may also be the method is not correct, today is to introduce a can quickly help you see the effect of the method: internal structure adjustment.


site structure in the common structure we divided into logical structure and physical structure, the current domestic website, as long as the standard enterprise website, the structure of these two aspects is very clear. For the physical structure of the website, generally recommend using the tree structure, if the site is relatively small, the flat structure is also a good way, the tree structure is generally divided into the home column page content page, as long as the set, basically can be a very good optimization site of URL structure. The logical structure of the website is nothing more than three hierarchical tree structure in contact with each other, of course, also want to distinguish primary and secondary importance. These are very basic, Muzi into the boat is not in front of you through several cases about I display slight skill before an expert, to understand some of the details of the site structure.

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