Case study small and medium-sized tourism website keywords planning three steps

tourism industry is numerous, mainly to the destination as the core, by eating, living, travel, shopping and entertainment, and other tips extending through the long tail keywords, synonymy, keywords integration, extension of related keywords. The type and number of keywords is numerous, difficult to planning and management, summarizes the tourism website niche keywords planning three steps. In order to understand the way, niche poly travel network as an example, for everyone to share.

in the search engine just check the travel related keywords can be seen in the small tourist site planning and innumerable, keywords chaos. In the absence of sufficient funds for the development of the web, Shanghai dragon has become one of the main means small tourist site drainage. Keywords planning as Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very important aspect, needs the webmaster friends more carefully.

is the key position. This step seems simple, actually very easy positioning. For example, some sites Ming Ming only the strength to make a destination, but to do keywords nationwide; or Ming Ming’s core business is the tour with the group, but the words as tourist guide etc..

long tail keywords are usually distributed inside pages, including "Raiders", "line" and "news" type of long tail keywords, can be put on the navigation bar, other long tail keywords can be used to optimize the article or other details page. To a destination of these long tail keywords polymerization in a page, line list pages such as poly travel network. At the same time between these long tail keywords should also be with each other to form a chain network structure of long tail keywords.


, summed up a few niche types: travel Raiders, tickets, quotation, line, play the project, and delicacy products, travel mode, attention, weather, landscape pictures, news etc..

here suggested that the main keywords rely on business scope and product type to determine, not simply according to the keyword index to determine the level, because the high index, usually the degree of competition is also larger, but not necessarily with the station can effectively integrate products and business scope. Poly way travel has made the mistake, the word "tourist guide" as the core of the main keywords, results of a few months, suffered heavy losses, the webmaster to learn the lesson of blood.

step, to determine the main keywords.

Long tail keywords

here we can also contain relevant keywords. Mining the long tail keywords is a toil, webmasters need to first find the main keywords of the long tail, and then find out the long tail of the long tail, and then find out the relevant keywords of the long tail, and so the cycle continues.


finished the main keywords and long tail off.

Travel of long tail keywords common

step two, and the distribution of the long tail keywords mining.

step three, the main keywords expand core product keywords.

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