What are the core of Shanghai Dragon Technology

also said Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to better user experience. I think this sentence is a flicker of what is to take the pet phrase, that is what the user experience, ranking is good because the user experience, what is the user experience into the decision etc.. What is the user experience, but no one has to unlock his true colors, no one to discuss related topics.

some people say that Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to rank, because the rankings have the traffic, and traffic is the basic site for survival, is also the site of the Shanghai dragon power. In fact, this is not wrong, but we do think Shanghai dragon really to flow, but the impact of traffic to the site is a lot, such as web site, users click on. Even if you have a lot of IP, if the bounce rate is 100%, or jump out rate is very low, but there is no related IP is always no transformation, then you have to do these flows. In addition to draining your server resources, but there is no effect.

When the rain

have heard a lot of Shanghai Dragon God of their bragging, some people say that ability is the core technology of Shanghai dragon hair of the chain, you can send one million days, you earn money with network. Some people say is the website structure, because the website structure determines the website user experience, and the importance of user experience without my words. Some people say is the pseudo original content is not found the spider is the core, because once you have numerous content, then your ranking will float up the brush……. But the rain did not recognize a dragon Shanghai Shanghai dragon any core technology, I think the Shanghai dragon core technology of only one thing: how to find and meet the needs of users.

rain once in a well-known Shanghai Longfeng company to do the optimization, found the company’s website N many places have done extremely unreasonable, Shanghai Longfeng manager to modify the request. The manager said that can not be changed, changed does not conform to the user experience. We do Shanghai dragon is for the user experience service, not for.

? In fact,

said that Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to make money, this is actually futile, because this is nothing to do Shanghai dragon, but building a website to operate a website to make money or fame, but Shanghai dragon on a website?

philosophy, the biggest harvest is to know the overall view and key concept, we do any one thing, must consider from global perspective and focus. This is Shanghai dragon, we need to know what are the Shanghai dragon core, the core technology of Shanghai dragon is what.

Shanghai Longfeng for what? What is the ultimate purpose of Shanghai dragon

to discuss this issue, we can put aside the entry of Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, but should be more from the nature and deeply consider the problem. The best is back, maybe we can see more of the core technology. Well, we ask yourself these questions:

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