Three who is king content + + chain method

suddenly had an idea that may be of interest, may be on the future of life, may be the other, all I want to do a website! After you have an idea, I need a specific and feasible scheme, this scheme can not document form, but need to have a plan! You can stand, can choose their own open source and free template, can independently design! Here relates to the code, it is said to be the underlying optimization idea! Web file OK, domain name, space is a problem, this is not difficult, there is money to have the right

title, today is very clear, mainly from three aspects to talk about their own views! Believe that "Shanghai dragon’s content is king, the chain for emperor", for it who come from the mouth, estimated Wucongkaozheng! Who come first on what this sentence is correct or not look! A website from scratch to go through the course, here can be summed up as follows:

we are talking about here is relative to the two aspects: one is the website, another is the relationship between web pages and web page!, we do not have to be too tangled! For a web site, it is a "thousands on thousands of components, a common theme is to include all the web pages the theme of this site, as Sina News Station, 4399- game station, Taobao shopping site, and so on! For web page, its content is much simpler, is the theme of the page text.


upload site is waiting for search engines and further process long Shanghai dragon battle, this time most of the estimates is the content + the chain, why cannot do without the content of the chain, we can put the site to a person, is the content of nutrition, the chain is to survive, the interpersonal relationship! In this society, both are indispensable, so is the site! After continuous optimization, is constantly looking for opponents of the ongoing weakness, the analysis of advantages, continue to do the long tail word and so on it…


"content is king, the chain for emperor"? I can not stop the creation of content, to create the chain, others do a three, I do, why in the end or not as well as other ranking? The fundamental point of solving this problem is to start from the content + + chain method first of all we have! See! On the surface is to the site content and content, but the choice of what kind of content? How to add content? How to choose the topic? How to create the high quality content? Even publish content on what time? This is the need to pay attention to the

from the above steps, we can draw such a conclusion: first, there must be an overall concept of website; secondly to merge with Shanghai Longfeng elements from the source level; then there is a good carrier; fourth + the + chain method! On the surface of the above statement is not a big problem, but the steps so clear why a lot of people do not get the results you want? Seems right text is often because we are stuck in the surface meaning of the words

!After the

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