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customization will become the mainstream in this Chinese search has been reflected and so on. The new YAHOO home page revision is one of the key individual news customization, we can choose according to their own information flow, so the search at this point is to join micro-blog search results different approaches but equally satisfactory results, such as social media information, go to search for information can be more humane, more real. Not only that, so the search search ranking mechanism to a certain extent also depends on the participation of users, make users with a unified search topic can have more personalized search results.


social function counter attack, YAHOO’s revision on the social function can be said to be "heavily guarded", not only allows YAHOO account login, real-time sharing of information, also joined the popular social networking tools – facebook. Let the whole communication more thorough and broad. This action of YAHOO to search persons that the future belongs to the era of social networks, any one product with social hanging hook, it will not only broaden the propagation direction of information, will add more of the user level.

mobile platform is another focus of the YAHOO search for the revision of the requirements, compared to other products of the revision of YAHOO can be said to be a direct target for the mobile platform, take good care of. Then he gives us enlightenment is very obvious, to fully grasp the advantages of mobile Internet, so that products can be obtained with PC end the same feeling in the mobile platform, so as to bind more users to live.

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recently saw a news, Yahoo said on his official website revision, to meet the needs of the times. In fact, in the IT industry have moves today, YAHOO this action is not news, can only say interior modulation. But as a veteran portal product, YAHOO in the market reaction time is stagnant, can lead to change, also show that YAHOO for their own future development is not without hope.

and YAHOO’s focus from the revision, the author could feel the future is the era of big data product development focus. First of all to learn is that search industry is a portal station, a search product, the two seemingly no intersection, but with a survival gene common big data and pieces of information. How the next two kneading, give you analyze.

above is the focus of YAHOO revision, the latest data show that after the revision, Yahoo贵族宝贝 page flow increased more than 9% before the revision, the residence time of Internet users increased by 20%, because in addition to the page becomes more relaxed after the application of the new home can also join the third party website, so users can be more convenient access to other network services. Bart said, 40% new page 6 to 11 visitors to access embedded home page.

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