You don’t know the Shanghai senior strategy skills (two)

is honored to contribute in front of you don’t know the Shanghai senior skills by publishing, as seen in front of release article comments some people think is practical, hereby give you share two senior Shanghai dragon thinking strategies, all strategies must be thinking to share, then can be dry cargo, words do not say, direct access to the theme.

you see here, I believe many people will say a drop-down box and relevant search. It is not difficult, I can use the brush search volume way to brush out (PS: brush down core word + Related words, but the brush can) please note that here, as well as ranking drop down do not brush, using two points, one is exposed, one is outside the chain, the chain supporting ranking, and the exposure is not only supporting the ranking also supports the drop-down and search. What is the exposure? As shown below:


< >


since the first share is used for dry cargo thinking or the case, this article is no exception, two senior strategy will also use very practical case to explain the relatively many of my friends think that I wrote the article is vague, but after all, thinking and practical thinking can share are different. You will understand it can make practical effect. If the actual share, as we all know at the end of the formation of a surface, but this defect has no real value.

actually learned Shanghai dragon friends most people know that this is just a search engine algorithm called intimate search. But there is no use of intimate search at this point to the surface spread and then do the ranking research and testing of their web sites, a case is given below is still large, how to use the key words brand exposure the drop-down box, search and ranking home page, in order to practical effect, I have tested a group of words is not very difficult to do research, as shown below:


no matter what resources are the most important, a lot of time to do Shanghai dragon is more fun resources instead of playing techniques and strategies, simple words, Shanghai dragon algorithm all of you all know if there is no corresponding resources to support, so you will not put out ranking operation (PS: familiar with the click algorithm does not have fast ranking software, such as know the high quality of the chain effect is not high quality of the chain and so on). When we put the point to a plane above the shop is not difficult to find the influence of brand exposure in Shanghai dragon is very strong, for example, when you search the online mall first impressions are often Jingdong, Tmall mall, instead of the other XX mall, this is the brand effect, as shown below:

, a brand by thinking of Shanghai dragon ranking

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