Luna chubby enterprise Shanghai Longfeng optimization conditions

1. has no other optimization.

this is the typical disease there are a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially for some in the short term effect of the enterprise, when not considering the website optimization, website built, a recruit 3,4 optimization personnel, every day outside the chain, soft, forum, blog hair a pass, 3 months down the IP is up, but marketing is lackluster, get a headache, so, how to retain customers? Reference: Luna chubby Shanghai Longfeng how to retain visitors mouse

for the small and medium enterprises, network marketing has become an important part of Shanghai Longfeng undoubtedly become an important part of the network marketing, and optimize enterprise website management shortcomings in the text, have said that some small and medium-sized enterprise management loopholes, today continue to say that small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng staffing loopholes.

for the optimization of enterprise personnel, at least know that the word "content is king, the chain for emperor", but when they perform together, it will become the contents of all the pseudo original, and a blanket of pseudo original, now more and more by spiders, especially the love of spiders in Shanghai known, more important customers never miss your website.

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why? The reason is very simple, you have some people, why every day to you this small run, why! Network marketing and optimization and the people shopping, not only the quantity, but also quality, website design, appearance and practicality of the article, the website operation strategy slightly is very important instead, every post, copy paper, recruit more people can complete, hope these can give a little bit more business thinking.

2. web site, a lot of optimization.

3. more original, less plagiarism.

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believe in the love of Shanghai will become less and less, used to do 10 sites in Shanghai accounted for 2 of love home location may, and now is not for the number, because the love of Shanghai Google and other search engines are in progress, hope that through improved to allow more users to search more practical, more real information however, 10 websites, not a business so that people need to optimize the ADHD treatment.

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