Correlation of readability strong original article is good article

readable articles in the website content update in common, because a lot of friends often ignore the website content relevance of this condition, although his writing is very good, every day to record their activities in a mood of wedding photography website, no mention of a wedding photography one eye, that is in the form of a diary to record their day, this article may attract a lot of friends to watch, but the site is meaningless, the general needs of customers are not interested to see your mood diary, only to see the wedding photography price and service.

readability poor non original articles

in addition to the above a build up to the "original" form of the article, then we also find there is false original form, such as a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to your site keywords and related to insert some articles, the aim is to improve the relevance of content, but.


mentioned Shanghai dragon will think of website content, website content will think about the original. The original is the key content of the website, but the original content is not necessarily good, because many friends tend to ignore some of the details of the original, the original concept has not completely read, so a lot of Shanghai dragon Er update for the website content, will encounter many confused and puzzled, why their website original content, but not by the search engine, even have not been included in a few articles? We have to analyze the following several common forms:

the poor correlation between readability of the original article

the correlation of readable non original articles

The poor correlation between

we do a webmaster personal blog, if the webmaster QQ group chats directly copied into, is a high correlation of the original article, but we found that these contents are very poor readability, it does not belong to the estimation, there will not be many users to enter the site to browse these boring chat the contents of records; they are original, but rather than completely copy the content of the others, look not much advantage for.

many friends website often see some irrelevant news, or writing a good article, and these articles are poached from others on the site, some may do little, some may be completely copied; in fact we have this website news gathering function, including military, life and education IT, beauty and other news, these articles are from large news portal, relatively high readability for readers, the quality is very good, but for many website theme is completely unrelated, this article on the site, no doubt to the site to increase a lot of "rubbish". The theme of the site will be diluted and weight.

the correlation readability difference of the original article

The correlation between

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