B2B website optimization Shanghai Longfeng experience to share, this is a must see!

3) classification information website. The number of classified information website included many, not much, is also much less energy, effectiveness.

he has been very good, this is the chain so long before such a point of the effectiveness of reason. But we can still share some experience, even if you fail, avoid detours.

The other 6

). Other favorites include library, and so on, they can go to the collection >

asked Shanghai dragon skills, master to give us advice always adhere to good original articles updated, and strive to create a high quality of the chain. Although this can be generic, but we also hope that can give us some way to do keyword ranking, and a little less detour. Here I share some of my experience in Shanghai since the Dragon experience.


because they have done the construction site, to understand some of the source code, so the work of this knowledge is a help to me. In the optimization of keywords ranking, to increase keyword density in the home page, 2%-5% of the best, we can reduce a lot of work of the construction of the chain, if not, will try to do the anchor text of the chain of some good quality. In addition, we rarely come into contact with the initial construction of the project, so a lot of time in the website structure are incapable of action, such as increasing the optimization project, keywords layout ah even bigger changes, so skip.

4) B2B website. It included better links with the weight of high-energy B2B website is now a finger can count, because our website is related to the nature of the industry, we still did not give up this position. Also a lot of effort.

1) forum. Now the Shanghai Longfeng occupation management forum for people, people, to avoid any fear. Therefore, the forum outside the chain do up that is energy cost very much, the effect is not good. Some even to the very high level forum, but also to send a few posts but also because you have one or two chain is administrator ruthless forever seal. Therefore, this position is the forum outside the chain of fine farming, can not spend too much thought. Of course, some weight high webmaster forums such as outdated, A5 occasionally some lead lead spider is a good.


5) Q. How many can link also included the quiz website, I have not collected a number of fingers. The severity of the answer is not less than the deleted quiz today love Shanghai encyclopedia.

2, standing outside the chain construction

The chain construction is

2 blog). New blog links can scanty fast included, even if it is a good place for Sina so we have recognized Shanghai dragon Er outside the chain. The new algorithm estimates love Shanghai blog included a lot of strict examination, however, if developed, is still the best place to send the anchor text of the chain. It is recommended to spend mind training.

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