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good luck, PIN code is generated as early as possible, so you can receive the money in July! Also thanks to my two offline friends for helping me with this problem because they told GG in time to return the result.

entered in June, many people are unable to generate PIN problems, fifty can not generate PIN and phone activation, many people think that no personal identification verification and phone activation.

my two referrals were delivered by yesterday afternoon and this morning. The problems were resolved this morning and this afternoon! Usually send two mail!

personal opinion.

website is mainly eat advertising. Advertising costs come from advertisers. Advertisers and site owners are Yushuiguanji, and now the situation is very bad, who is responsible? "League + webmaster + powerful cheater team", network advertising should be small investment, big returns, advertisers say is very accounting propaganda. China’s economic form is good now. Even if the site is too much, it will not meet the needs of advertising. But why is there no advertising now?The reason is simple:

the main site on the purpose of advertising is very simple. "Income"

So what will launch

is invalid? according to the rankings.

A: visitors are not careful to delayed advertising when watching its website. So many. For example, advertisements and articles are put together. Visitors click on the inner page. Because it was designed. Tourists don’t want to go.

two induced: for example, click send. Please click on the COINS / registration etc.. Visitors do not even know what this station is doing, that is, for a little bit of benefits to register or click, and at the same time, tourists may be deceived because of this ad also has a certain aversion.

three pure cheating: each click on the team or registered. Higher quality is the data produced by software and tools. These ads have a 0 effect, and these data are huge. And often receive advertising fees.

six of the most powerful! It’s not convenient here. Because it brings together the five combinations, plus one of their own.

six points above lead to reduced advertisers. Advertisers tend to be depressed by less online advertising. So how did all this come about?

A, first of all to blame the League including the largest union. They’re not clean in order to make money. Close your eyes, the kill not kill, not kill the killing, the amount deducted serious advertising fee allocation.

first make sure that your account reaches fifty, and then send an email to them to tell them what happened. If nothing happens, they will give you an official reply. Remember to send him another email and tell them you’ve reached fifty, but still can’t generate the PIN code. Make sure that the other party is manually generated! Attention must be paid to the request of the hand generated, the language of some polite. When in the mail, not too long, the clear and concise statement appalling your request, you indicate the best total revenue now. In this way, you can receive replies for about half a day and generate PIN code and phone activation options!

      even Wang Tong said, "some serious problems with Adsense.". But Wang Tong just put forward the problem, but did not say how to solve, in here I help myself two friends solve, can’t generate PIN code problem, say with you, I hope to help you all.

this article by the winter, no autumn, friendship, dedication, if there is still doubt, may Q me 27179. In addition, we recommend you, for such a similar thing, should be exchanged for goods, and solve their own, and tell you solutions, not because of their own offline is conservative. It’s not the problem to learn from you or to learn from you. We can pursue the lowest bottom line is: no loss! On this basis, can not have loss, profit at all, can do.

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