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in the network business conference site, so Tucao small and medium-sized businesses are not in the minority. Alibaba group survey data shows, at present Small and micro businesses Midwest over 40% because of a shortage of funds and weak orders, there are 73% Small and micro businesses currently have financing needs, but 69% of the Midwest Small and micro businesses mainly through friends and relatives to borrow to finance.

credit system has not been established,

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, so it is not necessary, the method of cheating, those gray methods do not use method, want to use more reasonable flow.

now for the gray zone traffic exchange, shlf1314 also said the encouraging information:

Tucao: electricity supplier loans pain

in the mortgage link, because by the domestic bank certification of the third party warehousing is very limited, the electricity supplier start-ups stored in the third party warehouse goods, often can’t become collateral. And only by the founder of personal assets mortgage, the amount of loans can be achieved is also a drop in the bucket. Yao Bibo’s last million people’s group buying campaign encountered such a problem last year. Although Yao Bibo’s goods have all been in since 2011

and shlf1314’s attitude is not the best of these traffic exchange programs, including general traffic exchange, is nothing more than pop, or frame. These things have been on the user unfriendly, or remove the good.

for these small micro electricity supplier, has become the most commonly used methods for the shortage of funds to fight contacts. Although many enterprises have tried bank loans, but remove the interest rate problem, the majority of start-up electricity providers will be due to mortgage problems, credit qualifications and other deeper problems, can not get bank credit. More business only through higher interest rates to contribute to the third party guarantee.

"it was really difficult for me to think the bank gave us timely assistance." 2012 global network conference, scarves seller "antelope good morning", the shopkeeper Zhang Linlin face industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China and the flowering bank guests representatives so tucao. This shop sales now nearly 100 million sellers of Taobao, the initial venture plagued by lack of money. Each time before the event, she had to go around with friends and even chipped, house and car mortgaged to the bank.

for small and micro start-up electricity providers, access to bank trust and attention has become the most difficult issue at this stage of the loan. Electricity supplier industry is mixed with the status quo and the formation of the credit system is not qualified, but also for banks in the electricity supplier business credit is particularly cautious.

has been banned by the shlf1314, if issued by shlf1314 found that these cases will directly stop account, and will not receive what warning.

shlf1314 is indicated for those advertising, those forbidden to participate in artificially increasing the display quantity and click on the digital plan, such as the following:
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"how much do we owe a crown or three crown shop?" at the conference site, the president of the Suichang online shopping Association threw the question to the top three bank representatives on the platform.

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because of the traffic exchange program, is likely to cause similar invalid clicks.

We occasionally receive questions from publishers interested in using traffic exchanges to bring traffic to their site. While these services may help advertise your site, we don’t recommend using them, as they may also result in similar invalid activity.

AUX air conditioning official flagship store, dispensers Yao Bibo Tucao the same bitter. Last year, AUX did a million people buy, but because of mortgage and interest rates, and finally find four major commercial banks, did not get the money. Eventually, he could only rely on the partners and himself to solve the 10 million funding gap.

shlf1314 AdSense today to see the official Blog, sent a note: A note on traffic exchange programs.

2012 global business conference, the Forum on funding themes appears again on the agenda. For start-ups, electricity providers, excluding interest rates problems, most of the start-up electricity providers because of mortgage problems, credit qualifications and other deeper problems, can not get bank credit. At this stage of the bank lending business, whether from the loan amount, processing speed or coverage, but also can not meet the needs of start-up electricity providers.

statement also shows that the shlf1314 for the project participants in advertising prices will be controlled, or regulation. The bigger reason is that shlf1314 does not have enough technology and manpower to identify in these plans, which are active users click, which is passive, misleading click.

There are many ways to increase the flow of

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