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I set up age has reached 5 years, but has been in continuous learning and progress, and today I wrote a little bit of experience, for your reference.

I recently read some posts, with some of their own experience, the station ( in three days time from 1000IP to 100IP, but it is not very difficult, because I was a lazy man, now put my experience to share out, master not to see below, IP less than 500 look down.

first says what can be done immediately:

1, network bookmark


estimation method we all know it, but there are a few people actually do, this method to flow directly, and stable, generally every day 15 or so, not too much, easy to bookmark sealing station. By this method, I can come to 500IP every day.

2, BBS soft

this method is also often mentioned, the key is how to use. I generally find 2 soft (are write) in about 5 famous forum, the general can bring more than 300 IP, and is very stable, ha ha, because of the famous forum search engine updated daily, so a few hours, your post will be found recorded, so not all IP from the forum, there are also some from search engines, but not tired, not very good


a few methods can also come quickly, IP, but only a little slower than the previous 2 methods.

1, first of all, my station has been included in the Baidu

believe that the friends who have stood are included, this is very simple, just to collect more and less, ranking problems.

2, the content of the website

You must get out of the

website, be able to collect the appropriate content added, take my station as an example, I know what kind of articles can be added to it, I don’t mess with, but can I have added.

3, about the added content,

content will be selected, there is a search in Baidu in the 50 and the 50 fastest rising strong rise, I do the fastest 50 strong, because I do not want to search and 50 strong competition, I said, I was a lazy, lazy lazy approach.

4, in the fastest rising 50 strong, choose your own keyword

here I say, to choose their own keywords is not cheating, 50 which would be updated every day, I can always find a suitable 5~6 station keywords, such as: today I chose 2006 Shandong college entrance examination in 2007 the founding ceremony of Tan Jing makeup time postgraduate information 918 incident Tokyo speech trial review Song Zude blog of the Red Army long story Mandarin speech.

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