Baidu tells us again, website operation needs to pay attention to a brand

mention brand, many webmaster or website operators say this is far away from me, do brand is too difficult, we can’t hold on for so long. If you are still holding this mentality, then your website can not continue to develop in the long run. Guardian more than once mentioned that the webmaster should pay attention to the brand, just like real name, but too many webmaster didn’t pay attention to. In October 27th, Baidu told us again that website operations need to focus on brands. Did everyone wake up,


search engine last year’s big adjustment, coupled with 360 turned out, Sogou search business mergers this year. For the search engine, more and more attention to the user experience, pay attention to whether the website is useful to the user. Just like Baidu put forward the original spark plan, many webmaster think thunder, small rain, and even some friends say that their website is pure original, but there is no good ranking. AdSense and SEO workers have always believed that the original is not reliable, do brand is not reliable thing, and Baidu in the afternoon of October 27th updates, the official website of the industry website released logo, which is a certain.

official website logo appeared in the webmaster forums and QQ group caused a great disturbance, according to the guardian analysis of website station each stationmaster a row of QQ group, found that the factors most likely to sign official website: website with the one and only keywords (usually the main site key word or word, and this brand) in the long term the first Baidu home page, but also a certain user groups (not many) and click search. Basically, such a formal website will appear official website logo. Some friends talking about why some big websites in the industry is more famous, indeed no official signs of the problem, the guardian factors that is most likely the key is not the one and only, at least several or more sites for this keyword, so unable to determine the strength of A.

website brand has been urgent, the webmaster still confused?


website to long-term development, you must have your own brand, as if we open a hotel, must first sign the good. It’s the same thing. The website must have a unique station name, and do not change easily. Most of the time, we all hope that the popularity of the site name, such sites are basically a great competition, and some key words even have a high index, there are many sites in the industry to compete. For new sites, we do not have a competitive edge, naturally difficult to rank, it is difficult to achieve their marketing goals, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger. And their own new keyword, because there is no index, the natural competitiveness is relatively small, it is easy to rank, coupled with their own insistence, will certainly achieve the desired results.


webmaster needs to do is stick to it and always be ready to make a profit.

what we need to do is stick to it. It’s the same thing. A lot of friends see people making money, and they want to make a website and make money quickly. But is that really easy? Everybody wants to make money quickly, and the Internet

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