The first to seize micro-blog initiative, are you ready

with micro-blog’s new media in the rapid popularization and widespread application at home and abroad, micro-blog is becoming one of the most popular, most fashionable Internet applications.

micro-blog is recognized as the best platform for word of mouth marketing, micro-blog marketing will often bring you unexpected results.

meanwhile, as micro-blog’s popularity continues to focus, many businesses and organizations are also aware of the huge marketing value of the micro-blog platform.

in order to help owners and businesses more quickly understand the micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, A5 organized the first course of micro-blog marketing, through the training system, let the person / company micro-blog know how to do micro-blog, how to quickly increase the fans? How to use micro-blog to micro-blog marketing, how to enhance the awareness of personal / corporate? To help enterprises get more promotion and opportunities. (stationmaster net first phase micro-blog marketing training course begins to sign up, training number: 25 people, sign up for advice: QQ:583850134, details  )

micro-blog marketing can promote personal income, micro-blog hot, mainly because micro-blog is simple and easy to use, the influence of the circle is relatively large, with the four major portals will be micro-blog as standard,


this new media has been in the form of China quickly accumulate popularity, on this basis, with the help of viral propagation ability and strong interactivity, micro-blog marketing has gradually become a hotly contested spot.

micro-blog’s three feature,

communication: forwarding is convenient, the user can at any time be interested in the content transmitted to their fans, and because it is "a word" blog, with mobile phone communication channels more feasible, with the premise of viral transmission;

interactive: on the micro-blog platform, everyone is a disseminator, and the audience, two roles staggered, greatly improve the interactivity of the multi-party communication, and enterprises can make use of this interaction, strengthen the guidance of public opinion on the target user;

accuracy: because only interested in the enterprise users will pay attention to the enterprise micro-blog, so the audience is the enterprise related users, precision is strong.

Three characteristics of micro-blog’s

communication can be completely help you better you want the release of information, can also be better to promote their website, improve their popularity, which will bring another profit to you


micro-blog can bring benefits to the shop


using micro-blog marketing to achieve is "human management", know more of the same demands, maintain these relationships, so as to further the "micro-blog economy" and the amount of coverage benefit! Micro-blog economy is enormous, cannot be measured


with the development of micro-blog, registered micro-blog users >

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