Rookie webmaster do a station experience

resigned from the Chinese new year last year and didn’t go to work. Just one of his former friends was making a website. This guy used to be a member of an alliance at home and forgot. Just give me presents some methods to Wangzhuan plus before, to do or know a little, what he said is decided to see network development.

just started also don’t know what’s behind every day and then according to the network owners, the guidance of friends began to do stand career, do the first station is the network, feeling not long to more than 100 Ip, then a friend said can try to put ads (and then is GG teach me how to apply for the GG account, so he was off the assembly line, NND, then took 250 didn’t thank me!), then look at income yo feel every day, with the increase of IP income also can. Then according to the advice of friends, to do crazy station activities (now think about it, it’s rubbish station, wasted my time) of income also began to increase, remember the best time of day can have ten knife, can also feel the. Never expected, the two impact at the end of last year, Baidu crazy K station, two is GG, adjust advertising click mode (blank space useless). My income also slipped to the bottom, from a dozen knives to around 1 knives, so I was completely knocked down. Also on the Internet to see a lot of friends of the method, but with no effect, so in today’s new year’s time, completely gave up all the previous station, rest for more than two months.

after thinking it for more than two months, and returned to the ranks of the webmaster, as a warning for the future, decided to do a test station: Guangdong network ( (the first article, hope the editor can keep connection to encourage). Here’s a list of their two months of some experience, let us advise.

1, the beginning is still in the learning phase, the site does not do too much, can be careful to do a station is very good, of course, if you have superhuman energy, you can do two or three.

2, not to do stand and do the station, should really put the user experience in the first place. That is to say, what can your station bring to others? And what do you rely on to make visitors collect your site, and the latter will continue to visit your website next time?.

3, SEO don’t over pay attention to, want you a new station, new SEO, one to do or not to go there, and secondly, the station also no weight, optimization too K, want to cry also cry out.

4, the construction of the site should still be content based, of course, can get the original article, that is the best. But honestly, I didn’t see a few stations can really do original, so we make some false original or put your collection or copy back at least a part of the change of the title and content inside, add some of their own things.

a few points above is my old man’s new station a little bit of experience, hope

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