Some pricing strategies for Chinese fast food

many entrepreneurs want to invest in Chinese fast food, in fact, if you can master the right way to invest in Chinese fast food in the market is a very good prospects for development. However, for entrepreneurs, in order to better access to wealth, then entrepreneurs in the business, the correct grasp of the price strategy is very important.

Strategy: prestige price, prestige pricing will target the high consumption level of customers in the market, a restaurant with credibility and customers "demand status and prestige" and "reasonable price quality is excellent, attract this grade with high dish price customers. This pricing method to do a detailed market survey: in addition to the identity of the customer and consumer strength, fast food shops also need to consider the age structure and the customer can accept the minimum, maximum price limit. Particularly important is that the price of the product must be consistent with the quality, so as to meet the fast food shop reputation, do not harm the interests of customers.

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