The future development trend of Xiaomuzhi automobile service

5 28, China Automobile Circulation Association published "China automobile circulation industry development report (2014-2015)" (hereinafter referred to as the report) officially issued. Combined with the current automobile market situation, the system displays the latest status of development in 2014, Chinese automobile circulation industry development characteristics and trends, the report includes not only the research industry hot issues analysis, advanced experience and outstanding case summary of outstanding enterprise development. The report includes research reports, market analysis, policy topics, automotive finance, automotive electricity supplier, market research, 100 dealers, statistical data, such as the 8 most.

analysis of the data on the automotive market after the show:

Optimistic about the market prospects of

domestic car, domestic car sales in 2014 23 million 491 thousand and 900, an increase of 6.86% in 2014, after the car market reached 600 billion yuan, is expected in 2018 is expected to exceed trillion scale; the policy will broaden the automobile maintenance channel, September 18, 2014, led by the Ministry of communications, ten ministries jointly issued "for automotive repair industry to promote transformation upgrade to upgrade the quality of service guidance", auto repair industry conditions was carried out in January 1, 2015, "".

favorable policies in the context of a huge market, the development of automotive service market shows vitality. Not only the major car manufacturers to enter the market after the business, and independent aftermarket system also increase the layout, such as the growth of Michelin Chi, small thumbs and other independent auto repair service brand.

1990 was formally established in Beijing. It is by car (including second-hand car) sales enterprises, automobile manufacturers, Automobile Sales Department of multinational companies in China, auto auction enterprises, second-hand car appraisal, brokerage companies, auto parts, motorcycle and car accessories sales enterprise, visible market, car club, car decoration Cosmetology and supplies sales service enterprises car rental companies, local organizations; automobile circulation industry; related scientific research and education institutions and social groups; related media, websites and individuals voluntarily participate in the national automobile service trade industry association.

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