Hangzhou 2016 drug destruction ceremony drugs a total weight of 1.042 tons – net

drugs in the life of the destruction of a lot of good families, but also to a lot of aspiring young people to embark on the road can not be saved, so the country’s ban on drugs has always been very strict! Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city Zhejiang Fuchun environmental thermal power company limited held 2016 drug destruction ceremony. Reporters learned that the total amount of these drugs were destroyed weighing 1.042 tons, of which heroin, 102 kg, methamphetamine and tablets of 665 kg, ketamine, kg, other drugs of all kinds of 146 kg. Which has become the largest number of methamphetamine in Zhejiang Province in recent years, and the most obvious trend of rising drug types.

Zhejiang Provincial Office Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau narcotics Corps captain Miu Minhong said in an interview that the action is mainly for the following two reasons, one is the focus on the destruction to deter society, to educate people to prevent and deterrent to criminals; two is out of the consideration of environmental protection two, avoid pollution before the destruction of drugs on the environment caused by the elimination of old people’s worries.

it is understood that the action is the largest number of drugs in recent years, Zhejiang, the focus of the destruction, but also the first time the use of indoor incineration of centralized treatment of drugs. The Fuchun River Group Chairman Wu Bin said, when the internal temperature of the incinerator studios will remain at 850 DEG C, the residence time of more than 3 seconds, desulfurization, deacidification, activated carbon adsorption and other projects are ed with the environmental protection department of Zhejiang province for online monitoring, to ensure that all the project standard. Wu Bin said that the value of these drugs up to 400 million, is the establishment of a single enterprise to destroy the largest value of goods.

Hangzhou 2016 drug destruction ceremony, drugs a total weight of 1.042 tons, although a series of government initiatives, provides better protection for the health of our living environment, but the majority of people still have to strengthen self-awareness. According to the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau informed that in recent years, the Zhejiang provincial public security organs at all levels of all the police dispatched, always adhere to the "zero tolerance" drug crimes against drug-related crimes zero slack "concept, continue to maintain a high pressure situation of drug crime. From January to November this year, the province’s public security organs cracked more than 4800 drug-related criminal cases, arrested drug suspects 7200 people, seized 11 kilograms of heroin, 212 kg of methamphetamine, methamphetamine, ketamine 36855 tablets 37 kg, 22 kg of cannabis, khat 784 kg, 1042 kg.

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