Chen Lao health museum stores like pigeon pigeon

in the eyes of foreigners, Chinese food is too strange, so that there is a saying: whether it is flying in the sky, swimming in the water, the ground climbing. As long as nothing to eat, Chinese people can make it delicious food. Dove is a popular food in the sky.

since ancient times, China has a pigeon wins nine chickens argument. Dove is not only a rare delicacy, but also a senior tonic, not only rich in nutrition, but also a certain degree of health care, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases. Chen Lao health museum to operate pigeon pigeon pigeon, pigeon soup dishes, the pigeon for stewing, frying and stir frying, mixing, baking and other cooking techniques, make dove’s nutritional value and taste the perfect combination. At the same time, with its 20 years of experience in catering business, according to the national food market demand following the introduction of the characteristics of Sichuan, Sichuan dish flavor and otherdiversified products, let Chen Lao pigeon pigeon health museum to be more competitive in the market, the majority of the franchisee’s favor. Chen joined the Yankees pigeon pigeon Health Museum, personality delicacy, signs of pigeon, to help you start a career to new heights!

in accordance with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, pigeon meat body kidney, vitality, brain tonic God, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust the body blood glucose, beauty, skin white and delicate, longevity. Chen Lao Health Museum, pigeon pigeon adhering to a healthy fashion, nutritious and delicious management idea, the pigeon stewed, fried, fried, grilled, mixing and other cooking techniques, has developed a "wild old chicken and pigeon soup", "chicken Gastrodia pigeon soup", "Teng Jiao pigeon" and "secret pigeon" etc. nearly 100 products, will combine the pigeon nutrition and taste perfect, by the majority of patrons praise, has won the "Chinese restaurant brand", "franchise brand thirty strong", "famous Chinese delicacy Festival Award" and "national green food brand consumption" and other honorary title. The Chongqing Yankees dove toward Chen intensive, large-scale, diversified development, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the brand, and strive to build the first brand "Chinese health pigeon". Chen joined the Yankees pigeon pigeon Health Museum, achieve food investment dreams, experience the joy of success.

Chen Lao health stores

pigeon pigeon Museum

Ltd is a large comprehensive enterprise, which integrates the development of food and beverage industry, the development of leisure food industry, the development of logistics industry and the study of food culture in Chongqing,

. The company hired a number of senior technical experts famous industries, has set up marketing, technology development, occupation training, project planning, construction operation and many other specialized departments and agencies, lays a solid foundation for the development of National Museum of Health Chen Yankees pigeon pigeon brand chain business. Create a culture of health, the standard operating procedures for pigeon, easy to learn, a full range of advertising support, enjoy the brand value, has introduced new products, enhance brand competitiveness, tracking guidance, the investment risk is minimum, multi-level training and 20 years of the catering industry "

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