Little sheep Hot pot joining note which – the whole

in front of small is too small to recommend beef here to Hot pot, we recommend little sheep Hot pot. One word, in addition to material of different Hot pot, the taste is good. But if you want to join the investment little sheep have some matters needing attention Hot pot, join or want to know, so little sheep need to pay attention to what Hot pot to join it? The following is our little sheep for everyone to do the simple summary.

little sheep Hot pot joining note what?

we mainly from 4 aspects to consider matters needing attention we join the little sheep.

1 the scope of the management, due to the implementation of trans regional expansion, so, how to the region outside the store management, especially in some stores, how to control the quality of operation and management level, has become a chain must be class. Then the chain operation support system, such as brand, advertising, planning, personnel training, supplier selection, and so on, the support of the common elements of the store chain is essential for the development of chain.

2 when a franchise success, many operators love through price increases to obtain higher returns; but did not consider to get more market share through store expansion; leading tourist community store is not stable, unable to form an effective repeat, not to mention the usual. Because, back off and effective means of regulars or rival; studies have shown that attracted to spend a new customer costs is to consolidate the 5 times of an old customer; moreover, the old customer value is much higher than that of new customers.

3 realize the sustainable operation once able to win in the competition, have the opportunity to continue to operate, also can single step, see the broader market; and the continued operation of the store, to provide capital, talent and technology to support the rapid expansion. However, continuing operations can not rely on one or two talents to maintain, more important is to institutionalize and standardize operation; because the food chain is not considered by a wide range of operation, or operation, to take into account the expansion and development.

4 when taking a greater step, that is, the implementation of regional expansion, business risk has shifted. First, the supply of raw materials is a big problem, especially for some proprietary raw materials may become a bottleneck restricting the expansion of stores. Secondly, as a result of the expansion of the process, a new store must face a new market; more likely to start the market competitors.

focus on the little sheep Hot pot to join, attention to food and beverage market, entrepreneurs to join the little sheep, let us win the cooperation and common progress. If you feel this good little sheep Hot pot to join the brand, to further understand the idea, please see our website in the comments below, message >

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