How much money is needed to join the Qashqai pie

now winter is not the desire of people to the snow all over the sky, not only in the haze left suction. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, people’s health and nutrition issues become more attention, this has become the trend of the development of the food and beverage industry, the entire food and beverage industry are in this direction force.

is committed to Chinese Qashqai fast food diet health and nutrition, and strive to build a Chinese characteristic snack brand, promote Chinese diet health, nutrition, health, high quality food for the people, let the Chinese fast food with excellent quality in Jiangnan motherland north towards the world. So much pie Qashqai join


Qashqai pie joined need how many money? What join policy?

join fee:

venture shop: 30 thousand

standard store: 60 thousand

platinum shop: 100 thousand

flagship store: 120 thousand

join the policy as follows:

, headquarters to assist site evaluation. To assist investors in the field of open shop to conduct the investigation, the building, shopping district to investigate, assess the feasibility of their shop, to help investors make the right shop decision.

two, home decoration and equipment installation. In order to ensure a unified image of the Qashqai, restaurant design and decoration designer headquarters * *, the headquarters of qualified engineering team construction bidding. In order to ensure the quality of products, restaurant equipment is also provided by the company headquarters.

three, expatriate store manager. In front of the shop, restaurant manager, assistant headquarters for investors, trainers, employees offer corresponding courses. Or the output of the entire shop, Restaurant Restaurant Management Group headquarters for the school store franchise shops, training, such as a. From the home location to the door decoration, equipment installation, staff training manager, assistant manager of a headquarters outlets on site training, business planning, the door opened and a set of project manager in the shop, shop management and assignment of training investors assigned internship manager, until he can independently manage the restaurant so far.

four, follow-up support. Professional operators will regularly go to the restaurant for daily operational guidance. After the opening, the company will evaluate the supervision of regular stores in terms of price, product quality, service, cleanliness and sanitation is not regular, ongoing business counseling, help to improve restaurant management, improve performance. Let the stores have a real sense of belonging.

five, innovative products. Innovation is to keep the Qashqai >

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