Diary details – the whole to join the steamed stuffed bun

New Year comes, the haze is more and more serious, I do not know when we have to breathe even carey, I do not know if the bird will not blame us to destroy his blue sky. Sometimes I hate the development of the economy, but I have something of economic income, even if one of the natural nature of the killing of the executioner, I am not qualified to clamor for what, so I can change my idea to change my attitude, optimistic face life. Besides, there are a lot of delicious food in the world have not eaten it, such as the famous Zhou Ji bao.

baozi is our life the most popular delicacy, but with the development of economy, only the characteristics of both and each bun will attract consumers, Zhou steamed bun has such characteristics, so it is a very popular hot buns, so many franchisees through the heart, so much to join weekly buns


week steamed stuffed bun to join details

week steamed bun join condition

1, a person with capacity for civil conduct, with sufficient enthusiasm and endurance for entrepreneurship.

2, franchisee must have brand awareness, in recognition of the concept of brand operation on the basis of consciously maintain the image of the brand.

3, has a certain economic strength and good reputation foundation.

4, there is a store to meet the conditions of Zhou Ji brand.

5, joined the business to recognize the profit of the enterprise culture, business philosophy, management model, maintain brand image, and common development and progress.

6, the application area is a blank market or market capacity is not saturated, investors have the ability to open up new markets.

7, entrepreneurial spirit and hard-working spirit.

Zhou Ji Bao join requirements:

1, with no less than 200 thousand of the funds;

2, with an area of not less than 50 square meters of shops, water and electricity facilities;

3, shop decoration must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters decoration.

week steamed stuffed bun join advantage

1, livelihood projects, convenient, fast, delicious life;

2, small investment, quick effect, considerable profits, zero risk venture;

3, HQ nanny

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