Around the Lake Race green sweet team jointly staged a blue shirt battle

July 7th, Twelfth Lake Race kicks off in Xining. In the first stage of the competition, many for the first time in the lake race team and from low altitude team are more cautious, and from Qinghai and Gansu team is fast, the tactical cooperation, staged a wonderful blue battle.

Qinghai and Gansu guy riding 4 laps

on the day of the beginning of the game, the Qinghai team and the Gansu lottery tianyoude Wu Shengjun team to highlight the potential achievement, full of vigor and vitality group leader, and quickly opened and a large group of the first gap, the largest circle gap to nearly 3 minutes. Two people alternately riding, and constantly accelerate, to the second lap, and the back of the group has reached a distance of 4 minutes. After two Yuezhanyueyong, the maximum gap to 8 points 40 seconds. Two people in the far ahead of the situation, respectively, the first and the first to get the second puncture points and the second, for their team scored the first battle valuable points.

brothers teamed up to interpret classic tactics

found that two people in the audience at the same time, alternating from riding side by side, their teammates lined up, riding in the front to form a large group, iron bastions, build a defense barrier for them. Many industry insiders believe that this barrier is actually a team of domestic good enlightenment, because every year the season, a lot of the same language or adjacent area of foreign teams will form a joint tactical, tactical alliance, often combined with three or four teams fighting for a common interest, but the home team this year is the lack of this alliance brings power, make Qinghai tianyoude team guys are often embarrassed to fight in isolation, exert their own advantages, and last battle, they staged a typical allied combat tactics.

the last two laps the situation worsened

is by Wu Shengjun and Xue into alternate leader, leading four laps to go, on the left in the game when the last two laps of the race, a sudden turn for the worse situation. At this time, because the hard stick of Qinghai’s defensive team, the Gansu lottery tianyoude team guys slowly began to tired, but this time, the big line of crumbling, group also began anchaoyongdong, ready to, someone waiting in the wings, ready to find the opportunity to break the line.

finally, the last two laps at the beginning, it has always insisted on the four lap line was ripped a hole, some foreign players coming out of the already tempted, began to speed up the catch in front of the Wu Shengjun and Xue cheng. As a result, the distance between the two began to shorten, and the speed of shortening also slowly increased, 7 seconds, 4 seconds, 1 second…… Until the last lap, a large group of relentlessly swallowed Wu Shengjun and Xue Cheng, but they and their teammates deduction tactics have been nearly perfect, finally into Xue managed to put on the blue, Gansu team won in a blue lake race since the rare integral obtained for the team Wu Shengjun opener in. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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